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Published: 10:40 EDT, 2 August 2022 | Updated: 17:40 EDT, 2 August 2022

A Florida dentist who was arrested Friday for sexually assaulting a patient once raped a worker in the hallway and gave another woman too much nitrous oxide before fondling her. 

More than 20 females have accused Dr. Charles Emmanuel Stamitoles, 65, of Pensacola, of sexual battery. 

His many alleged abuses, which began in Florida in 2003, became so frequent that Florida licensing officials, in an emergency injunction against in June, only allowed him to treat male patients. 

The dentist has been arrested four times in the last two months over sexual battery allegations and is currently released on a $25,000 bond. It is unclear how the series of sexual allegations against him has not been sent to court. 

Charles Emmanuel Stamitoles, 65, of Pensacola, Florida has contacted the Georgia police department for the records and the Escambia DA's Office for comment. 

In a 33-record disclosure, obtained by, showed Stamitoles' fervent abuses in Florida being documented throughout the years, including an alleged rape of a janitorial worker. 

He has been arrested four times since late May over sexual abuse accusations from his dentistry patients

In May 2006, the 65-year-old reportedly sent his entire staff home, except the janitorial worker, who was cleaning the office. He allegedly 'rape her while they were in the hallway and by the X-ray machine.' 

She told police that Stamitoles 'pulled her shorts down and had sexual intercourse with her against her will,' a 2007 incident report said. 

After the alleged rape, the worker, whose name was redacted from the report, said she left the establishment and never returned. The worker told police she providing 'cleaning' work for the office in 'exchange for dental work.' 

After the incident, she received counseling and delayed reporting due to being 'scared,' the incident report read. 

Stamitoles was charged with a second-degree felony for sexual assault. The case was dropped after the investigator 'exhausted all investigative leads' and was unable to get someone to speak on the 'victim's behalf.' 

Another victim, who reported in June 2022, said she was given too much nitrous oxide during one of her appointments in 2005 or 2006, causing her to pass out, the incident report read. 

After receiving the medication, she said she 'began to feel strange' and the dental hygienist told the dentist he had 'given her too much.' 

When she awoke, she found Stamitoles' 'forehead pressed to her and [he] was, at the time, rubbing her upper thigh nears her private areas with his hands,' the incident report said. 

When she asked what he was doing, despite feeling 'disorientated,' he reportedly told her she was 'fine' and 'moved toward her feet while he continued to rub her legs.' 

She reported the incident after seeing the dentist's recent allegations being reported in the news and said she 'wished to pursue charges.' However, her case has exceeded its statute of limitations. 

In a 33-record disclosure, obtained by, several woman accused him of a series of misconduct, including a former worker claiming he raped her. Another, a child sexual assault victim, also revealed he has her if she 'liked' the abuse as she got older. And another said she 'passed out' after getting too much nitrous oxide and woke up to find him rubbing her inner thighs 

Sexual battery has a statute of two years in Florida.  

In 2005 case, another woman claimed Stamitoles made 'lewd comments' toward her and 'touched her inappropriately' during several visits. 

In February 2005, he reportedly 'stroked her hair' and 'ran his finger up and down her stomach,' which was exposed due to 'lying on her back in the dentist chair.' He also reportedly 'scratched her back' and asked her she was a 'prude.' 

She revealed she was a child sexual assault victim and that 'sexual talk and actions' made her 'uneasy' due to her past. The woman was reportedly raped between the ages of 12 and 18 by a family member. 

After revealing this intimate bit, Stamitoles reportedly asked her 'if she began to like the sexual abuse as she got older.' 

In an additional visit in March 2005, when he entered the room to examine her teeth, he allegedly 'tilted her head and pointed it toward his waist.' 

She said she 'believed' he was 'looking down her shirt at her breasts' at the time, but now believes he 'wanted her to look at his penis area.' 

The woman had another appointment a day later for unknown reason and was browsing a Glamour magazine while she waited. He took the glossy magazine from her and allegedly to told her that 'most men would be looking at the model's breasts, but not him, he was looking at the model's teeth.' 

He also reportedly told her she had 'better looking' breasts than the model and he went on to 'running his finger in and out of her mouth, in an oral sex motion, asking her if she liked the feeling of him inside of her,' the investigation documents reported. 

Stamitoles also allegedly asked her if she thought he had stamina and endurance and told her he would 'wear her out' as he began a 'humping motion' while sitting in a chair. 

The dentist also reportedly spoke to her about his sexual battery allegations at the time and asked her if she thought he had touched her inappropriately, documents show. 

The woman, however, did tell investigators she would continue going to Stamitoles because he was 'such a good dentist.' 

In a 2021 report, a woman accused him of kissing her on the forehead and 'touching her cheeks.' He also allegedly 'grabbed her breasts and smashed them together with his hands, along with grabbing her hand and attempting to bring it to his private region against her will,' a Escambia County Sheriff's Office report said. 

She told police she didn't say anything at the time because he was about to administer a shot. The woman would later bring a friend with her to all her appointments. 

At her various appointment over the years, she said he often kissed her forehead and would tell her 'how beautiful she was.'  

The dentist has also been accused by other patients of attempting to forcibly make them touch his crotch area and making inappropriate comments. He also allegedly told one patients where she should get Botox and asked her if she wanted to go 'upstairs to see the salon he was building. 

In 2018, a woman reported on June 3 that the dentist 'placed his legs around her head' while in the reclining chair. He also allegedly kissed her cheek. 

In another June 3 report, a woman claimed the dentist had pulled her shirt and bra strap off her shoulder and began rubbing her tattoo, arm and thigh, according to the Pensacola News Journal.  

Another unnamed woman filed a report on June 7 about a November 2019 incident, where Stamitoles allegedly gave her 'gas' to help with her anxiety and, after the procedure, allegedly kissed her cheek. 

Yet another woman filed a report on June 7, saying that in 2019 he 'had an erection' and 'brushed his arm against her left breast' during her appointment. 

'[The victim] stated while Stamitoles was rubbing her arm and leg his face was extremely close to hers. So close to her personal space that I felt his breath heat and could probably tell you what he had for lunch,' the report said. 

Stamitoles also allegedly began 'shaking' a patient's shoulder, which made her breasts rub up against his chest, a report said, according to the Pensacola News Journal. The incident occurred sometime between 2018 and 2019. 

An arrest report from May 27 - the first time him he was apprehended - an employee accused him of slapping her on the butt, hugging her and kissing her on the head without her consent. 

He has been accused of forcibly kissing female patients, trying to force their hands toward his crotch and saying inappropriate things to them. In June, an emergency injunction was ordered, limiting his license to only treat male patients 

He allegedly asked her how a particular dentistry tool worked before reportedly grabbing her arm and open-handedly slapping her butt. 

The next day, Stamitoles allegedly cornered the employee in the bathroom while she was cleaning it, shutting the door and began to kiss her on the back of the head, WEAR TV reported. 

In a June 6 filing, a woman claimed Stamitoles grabbed her face and hovered six inches away from her, telling her 'I can help you with your teeth' after she told him she might go to another dentist as she felt his care was inadequate. 

After telling her he was happy to help her, he allegedly leaned down and kissed her on the forehead. 

He also allegedly played the drums and piano for her - which he had in his office - and spoke to her in a 'weird (baby-like) voice,' according to WEAR TV. 

As she was leaving, she said he put his arm around her and whispered in her ear that he 'really loves her yellow blouse' and not to 'tell the other girls.' 

'I do hope he loses his license, because I think he will continue to hurt people,' victim Jerri Jones told WEAR TV on June 23. 'He has shown patterns that he will continue to hurt people.' 

Another victim, Marta Andrews, said she has been 'praying for 19 years' for him to 'receive justice' after her 2003 battery case was acquitted. 

Two of his victims, Jerri Jones (left) and Marta Andrews (right), have spoken out publicly against the doctor. Jones said she 'hopes he loses his license, because I think he will continue to hurt people' 

Stamitoles' own staff allegedly knew about his abuse but did nothing about it because he was a 'very intimidating' man, a former employee told WEAR TV in June. has contacted Stamitoles' staff for comment. 

Stamitoles has been accused so many times that Florida licensing officials held an emergency injunction in June, barring him from treating female patients as he posed a 'significant danger' to them. 

'Dr. Stamitoles has exhibited a pattern of increasingly predatory and sexually aggressive behavior. Dr. Stamitoles has willfully abused his position as a dentist to sexually violate patients,' the court documents said. 

Although Stamitoles is still allowed to practice in the state of Florida at the moment, the dentist was barred from practicing in Georgia in 2004, after receiving similar allegations. 

According to public records, Stamitoles has received various reprimand letters and limited licenses for 'quality of care issues' in the state of Florida.

He was booked into the Escambia County Jail on Friday and charged with felony battery - his first felony charge, according to WEAR TV. He has since been released on a $25,000 bond. 

Stamitoles has pleaded not guilty to all counts, including the felony battery charge. 

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