Vacaville oral surgeon charged in connection to 4 incidents of alleged sex assault

2022-07-29 20:41:05 By : Ms. Wang Jing

Alleged sexual abuse victims share their stories with KCRA 3 Investigates

Alleged sexual abuse victims share their stories with KCRA 3 Investigates

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Alleged sexual abuse victims share their stories with KCRA 3 Investigates

A Vacaville doctor is facing misdemeanor charges after being accused by at least four people of sexual abuse.

KCRA 3 Investigates has learned that the oral surgeon has a history of complaints against him and is still practicing here in California despite efforts by the dental board to restrict his license.

Two women who spoke to KCRA 3 under the condition of anonymity explained in graphic detail how Dr. David Webb of Northern California Facial and Oral Surgery in Vacaville allegedly abused them. They will be addressed as Patient 1 and Patient 2.

“He was molesting me while he was cutting this bridge off,” Patient 1 said.

“I felt stuck in that chair. I felt glued to that chair, like, fear," Patient 2 said.

The two women detailed what they claim happened during routine dental procedures in Webb’s office.

Patient 2 said Webb initially harassed her with sexually explicit conversation during her appointment in April of this year. The woman said her appointment started with the doctor prying for intimate details and oversharing unwelcome information about his own life.

“He just, had me in his office for an hour talking over and over about his sex life and questioning mine,” Patient 2 said.

She said Webb also touched her in a sexual way as he checked her heart with a stethoscope.

“I felt like I wasn't even there, like, I was trapped,” Patient 2 said.

According to Patient 1, the doctor began touching her inappropriately right after her June 2022 procedure began.

“He injected that needle, and I was just holding on for dear life and he started rubbing his penis up against my arm,” Patient 1 said.

She said at first, she tried not to overreact at the fully-clothed doctor's body coming in contact with hers.

“Doctors, sometimes they do have to press up against you to do a procedure, and when he started pressing up against me heavily, then I knew something was wrong,” Patient 1 said.

As she held onto the chair, bracing for pain associated with the dental work, she said the doctor's actions escalated.

“He's rubbing up against me, not just pressing, but he's going in sexual motion,” Patient 1 said.

Patient 1 said she even tried holding her breath so she wouldn't fall asleep under the nitrous oxide.

“I was afraid of what was going to happen if I fell completely asleep,” she said.

The Law Office of Thomas A. Johnson in Sacramento confirmed to KCRA 3 that it is representing Webb in the misdemeanor criminal cases currently filed against the doctor.

According to court documents for all four misdemeanor counts filed against Webb, it is alleged that Webb "did willfully and unlawfully touch" intimate parts of the four victims, against their will, “and for the specific purpose of sexual arousal, sexual gratification and sexual abuse.”

In a statement to KCRA 3, Webb’s representation said their client entered a plea of “not guilty” in connection to misdemeanor counts filed against him in December 2021. A civil complaint, dated March 14, 2022, was also filed with the court in Solano County on behalf of an individual, the plaintiff's attorney tells KCRA 3, is identified on the 2021 misdemeanor complaint as an alleged victim. Webb’s attorneys said the doctor will plead “not guilty” on the misdemeanor counts filed against him earlier this month – counts on which he is scheduled to be arraigned August 16.

Webb’s attorneys also said their client “denies all allegations” against him and that he will vigorously defend himself against the accusations.

KCRA 3 Investigates contacted the Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA), the state agency that investigates consumer complaints on issues under its jurisdiction, requesting information about the number/nature of formal complaints that might have been lodged against Webb/his practice.

The Dental Board of California is a DCA entity.

In a statement to KCRA 3, the DCA public affairs office said, “The Board cannot disclose the number of complaints filed against a particular licensee. Consumer complaints submitted to the Board are exempt from public disclosure pursuant to Government Code section 6254, subdivision (f).”

DCA went on to write, however, “...the Board requested dentist license restrictions against Dr. Webb in connection with the pending criminal case in the Solano County Superior Court,” but that, “...the Court denied the Board’s request.”

Last week, a San Francisco attorney told KCRA 3 she filed a civil complaint in the Superior Court of California, Solano County, on behalf of Patient 1.

“I think that Dr. Webb should be prosecuted and that he should suffer the consequences,” said attorney Mary Alexander, of Mary Alexander and Associates, who said she filed the civil complaint and is now representing both women with whom KCRA 3 spoke.

Alexander said she also intends to file a civil complaint on behalf of Patient 2.

“It is very meaningful for people to be able to hold the wrongdoer accountable in a civil case,” Alexander said.

In addition to handling the alleged victims’ civil lawsuits against Webb, Alexander is advocating for the criminal cases against him to move forward.

“It can help you heal, it can help you move forward, it can give you a sense of justice,” said Alexander.

Both victims said, although it’s difficult, they wanted to share how they say the doctor hurt them.

“I'm over 50 years old. My hair is gray. I'm a tired, old mom. I'm not a 20-year-old, young, thin, sexy girl,” Patient 1 said through tears. “He doesn't discriminate.”

The women said they hope that getting their stories out prevents others from being victimized.

“I don't ever want to feel paralyzed like that again,” Patient 2 said. KCRA 3 Investigates reached out to Webb requesting comment regarding the criminal charges he faces -- either via written statement or on-camera interview. Webb has not replied to those email and voicemail messages.

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